1st PWRR ASB Sunday Brunch Club

Small success with the 1st PWRR ASB SUNDAY BRUNCH CLUB got to talk to John Hopkinson 1PWRR about his recent elected amputation John had a 3 year struggle with rehabilitation on his leg after an industrial accident. John is now 8 weeks along after losing the lower part of his leg and is in great spirits has a lot of support from Blesma and saafa and is attempting a new record for the 1st amputy to tab 10miles with 10kilos this coming Friday around portsmouth trying to raise some money for Blesma I’ve volunteered to walk with him as a beat up for the Cateran yomp in June 2017 (54 miles in 24hrs) & Support him in this great cause. So if you see us and a few others out and around portsmouth chip in some dosh and give us a wave starting of about 0900 hours https://www.justgiving.com/John-Hopkinson