Eco Tigers

This campaign to restore our beaches and harbor back to its full potential.

Phil Carpenter and his 4 yr old son Miles were devastated at the sight of all the rubbish being left behind at Eastney beach and has called upon the veteran and reserve community to do something about it local council and civilian company’s have come forward and local media are to cover the clear up.

If there are any Tigers wishing to come down on the 25th August to do an initial sweep of the beach and help collecting refuge left by insensitive idiots please feel free to pop along its only 2 hours AREA CLEANING!!

But it will make a massive difference to our environment and the Eco systems with in the harbor. PWRR ASB will be hoping if were lucky the Seals in Langstone harbor may make an appearance.

Please keep your eye out on our Facebook page for updates and further dates.