Army V Navy Twickenham TIGER Ambush!!
10:00 to 23:00

Next year we hope to be sat as an association and regiment not in separate areas as branches etc like in previous years. Twickers Tiger Ambush so you need to have paid for tickets upfront so get your dosh set aside early for this one general ticket sales are 10am 14th november but we will be ordering through infantry rugby/ARU in conjunction with EKB & London branch so don’t panic we will let you know in advance when and how much etc just numbers of tickets required in the comments for now please thank you

Tickets are £25 each Please make payment to PWRR ASB accnt 60-10-20 89718909 using AvN19 and your last name ie AvN19blogs by 2nd november them PM us when payment is made just so were organised a head of time many thanks for your on going support Come on The ARMY!!