Regimental Official Annual Reunion (ROAR)
10:15 to 23:00

The Middlesex Regiment was one of the principal home counties based regiments with a long tradition. They inherited their nickname, the “Die-hards”, from the 57th Regiment of Foot (West Middlesex), which later became the 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment. The 57th gained the name during the Peninsular War when, at the Battle of Albuhera on 16 May 1811 their commander Colonel Inglis had his horse shot from under him, severely wounded and outnumbered by the French he called to his men “Die hard, 57th. Die hard!” “Albuhera” was the principal battle honour on the Middlesex Regiment’s colours.

Albuhera / Regimental Official Association Reunion (ROAR):

This will be familiar to Middlesex Regiment members as the annual Albuhera Service held in the Middlesex Chapel at St Paul’s in London. This year the date will be the 19th of May 2018.

The Colonel of the Regiment would like to build on the momentum generated by the presentation of new colours to the Battalions September 2017. He has decided that the main regimental reunion will be focussed around Albuhera Day.

The Service will be followed by the Silent Toast and lunch for the officer’s club at Cutlers Hall and an all ranks Silent Toast and Lunch at the Union Jack Club organised by the a
Associations London branch with the officers joining the all ranks function after they have had their meal at Cutlers Hall.

Date: 18 May 2019.

Location: St Paul’s, City of London. Entrance is via the North Transept.

Timings: 1015 hours (to be seated by this time please).

Dress: Suits, full size medals, regimental tie, or blazer and formal trousers.

Lunch – Officers Club: Cutlers Hall, immediately after the service. Further details will be forthcoming direct to members of the Officer’s Club from the Deputy Regimental Secretary. Any question should be addressed to the Deputy regimental Secretary at RHQ on INFHQ-QUEENS-PWRR-DepRegSec@mod.uk or in writing at RHQ PWRR, HM Tower of London, London, EC3N 4AB.

Lunch and silent toast – all ranks: 1300 hours at the Union Jack Club.

Cost: £25

Payment: by Cheque to the branch secretary, Richard Thornton, 2 Norfolk House, Ellensden Road, St Leonards, East Sussex, TN37 6HZ or by bank transfer to the branch account: PWRR Association London Branch, TSB, Sort Code: 30-98-43, Account No: 16477060, Use ref: Name followed by 19 MAY, e.g. Smith19MAY.
Please indicate payment made by BACS by email to: thorntonrgc@hotmail.com
Please include a SAE if you pay by cheque. Those paying by bank transfer will receive electronic acknowledgement by email